#testimonytuesday - The Awesome Results From 8 the Plate

I am launching my next weekly theme on 8 the Plate... #testimonytuesday! One of my favorite things that has resulted since we have invented '8 the Plate' has been hearing all of the AMAZING results!

pink 8 the plate spinning.  Plate for kids.

Our first tester

After we came up with the idea of 8 the Plate, we had to test the concept. We did this by printing prototypes with a 3d printer.... AND IT WORKED! So, we have a functioning plate and a concept that works. Now all we need is to have kids try it out (other than our two girls).

My daughter had a play date set up. Lucky for us, her bestie was a bit of a fickle eater (at the time). We asked her parents if they would feel comfortable if we tried our prototype on their daughter. They were extremely supportive and said, "Yeah! Try it."

Our question for the parents... "What is a food that your babe HATES?" Their response...

She gags at the sight of a cooked carrot!

Um... So, lets aim high! I wanted to get a true baseline so I whipped up a batch of cooked carrots and put a few on a regular plate. My daughters bestie looked like she was going to cry! She DID NOT want to eat this food.

I immediately said, "Okay, it is fine! But would you want to try a super cool new plate? We will play a game!"

8 the plate prototype kids healthy plate Our FIRST ever prototype! Non-Preferred food: CARROTS! Preferred foods: peanut butter and jelly and Skittles.[/caption]

Alexa seemed interested. She agreed! I then asked her what she wanted to work for. It is important in the early stages that you use a food that the child is CRAZY MOTIVATED for. In this situation, she was really interested in a Skittle. So, I said, "Okay, here is the game. First you eat a tiny bite of carrot, then you will spin the plate to get a Skittle!"

Drum roll please.....

It worked!!! Alexa did a few rounds on the plate actually. Throughout this meal, she actually said, "Wow, this is like a magical plate!" She also said, "I didn't think I liked carrots, but I actually do!"

kids healthy eating using 8 the Plate

I love that 8 the Plate helps kids to get over their fears of trying new foods. It is done with the use of motivation as well. It also helps by putting the choice in their own hands.

If you want to see how this all played out, here is the video that we took! This dated all the way back to December 2016!!!

Months later

I am happy to share that months later, Alexa is STILL eating cooked carrots and on a normal plate. 8 the Plate has continued to help expose her to healthy foods and my ENTIRE family lovingly refers to this product as the magic plate due to this first test experience :).

However, there is no magic behind it. Its all about the science of behavior analysis :).



Kids plate promoting healthy eating.  8 the Plate