Starting a Business is Scary... But for the Right Reasons

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment you realize that starting a business is scary but it's also for all the right reasons. When I was younger, I never thought of myself as being a business woman. I have always known that I wanted to help people. That has always been my passion! So, you better believe that when this idea surfaced, the idea of starting a business was TERRIFYING!

Anesa starting a business is scary


Okay, you know I am always extremely transparent. Imma tell you how it is! There have been times throughout this process where I have been TERRIFIED!  Do I know what I am doing? Is this going to work? Holy crap I am scared...

BUUUUUUT then, I see 8thePlate in action and I see the AMAZING results. I see the joy on a parents face and the confidence growing in a child when they eat a vegetable they've never even thought about eating before. That drives me... All of my anxieties of doing this go away! I realized that starting this business ISSS helping people. I am doing both!

What else is on the market?

But seriously, there isn't that many options on the market. Once your kid turns 2, the pediatrician immediately starts the discussions about how your child may turn into picky eater. Great! You turn to eating products and what do you get? Plates with cute pictures on them or plates that just promotes playing with their food.... Hmmm?

So, the current market TOTALLY is failing us. We found a huge market opportunity and now we have a product that will actually work.

Super Thankful for my Hubby

But seriously, I couldn't have done this without my Husband. Yeah it is my field and my idea but he has taken it and rounded the bases. It is his design and his business sense that has made it a reality.

Anesa and Joe working together to start a business

We are truly a team... So, here we go! We officially became funded on Kickstarter today which means everyone who has pledged and backed us are getting PLATES come June... YAY!

We are excited to continue making this a reality. We are also very thankful for everyone's support. We cannot thank our friends, family and early adopters enough.

If you are still interested in snagging your very own 8thePlate, it is not too late... Head over to the link HERE! We still have a few weeks on Kickstarter.

8 the Plate for kids