Introducing 8 the Plate - A Plate for Picky Eaters

Is your little one a picky eater? Do you wish meal times were a little less stressful? Do you feel like eating products TOTALLY drop off once kids actually become picky eaters? As a mom, professor, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I am here to tell you that my hubby and I made it a mission to tackle this issue head on.

There was a recent study published in the US National Library of Medicine that reported around 27% of children were identified as "picky eaters". It was also noted that children tend to be the pickiest at around age 3....

Picky kids Plate 8 the plate

So what now?

We've reviewed the eating products on the market today. There are a lot of cute stuff out there. But, are any of those products designed after a principle backed with empirical evidence?

Introducing '8 the Plate'

I'm here to introduce a plate that my husband and I invented to help increase healthy eating in kids! Now, this isn't your run of the mill plate. There isn't anything like it on the market. For one, this patent pending plate spins inside of a cover. It also only spins in one direction! Secondly, the plate was designed after a principle that is backed by research to be effective to increase food selectivity! I've used this concept when I worked in a clinical setting, I've implemented it with my own children and I teach this principle to my graduate level learners. Now, with the help of my amazing and crazy intelligent engineering husband, we've designed it into a plate!

Kids Plate Collection. 8 the Plate Teal Gray Pink

First/Then and how does it work?

Okay, I won't get super technical (yet), but I will briefly explain the main overview of how this plate works. You are working off the motivation of the child! What would they be REALLY motivated to work for? A piece of watermelon? A bread roll? Maybe a fruit snack? The parent will use this as a way to motivate your little cutie to move through a meal! You could say, "First you eat a piece of broccoli, then you can have a bite of watermelon!" The fun part is, this is all loaded in the plate and we designed many of the common errors of this procedure out :).

Here is a short video clip of my daughter spinning her '8 the Plate' during lunch. She had just "earned" a favorite cracker and was quickly zipping through her meal.

Early market testing is better than we expected

I've implemented this procedure countless times. When Joe (my husband) and I thought this invention through, I never would have guessed how much better the plate would be in reality.

For one, the actual spinning component acts as a game. The kids LOVE to spin the plate to get to the next triangle. It also creates an engaged meal time for the kids. When my 2 year old sits down with a regular plate, it is difficult to keep her in her chair. When she eats with '8 the Plate', she is engaged with her meal and will sit through an entire dinner! Ummm.. Yes please! This alone has been worth all the long nights right there, haha.

Toddler using 8 the Plate for dinner.  Picky kid eating healthy

It also helps that the kids feel like they are in control of their own meal. However, the parents are in control of the order that they load the food into the plate. Literally, everyone wins!

Interested in getting your own '8 the Plate'?

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We will be launching a Kickstarter in March. If you are not familiar with this process, it is basically a way to preorder a plate. By doing this, you are showing us support and helping us to complete the final steps of this extremely expensive endeavor. Kickstarter is a funding platform for inventors or people with creative ideas! We are almost to the finish line! All we have left is finalizing the tooling (the plates you see pictured are samples from our manufacturer), finishing production trials and then ordering our first batch of plates!  Joe and I are completely funding this project ourselves. So, your support would mean a HUGE deal to us!

Lastly and most importantly, we truly believe this product can make a huge difference for a lot of families. By you backing us, that is giving us confirmation that we should keep moving forward with this endeavor.

If you would like to follow our journey and remain updated, please private message me your email and follow our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook; @beehaventribe). You will be the FIRST to know once Kickstarter goes live AND you can preorder your '8 the Plate'. Also, I will be sharing behind the scene images on social media outlets and asking for feedback on different elements of the product. Lastly, I will be sharing the AMAZING testimonies of our early beta testers. They have been truly remarkable.