"If I'm being honest, I didn't think it was going to work for us!"

We hear this often, "I didn't think 8 the Plate was going to work for us but wow.. I was so wrong!"


Another surprise... How quickly things change and how much hope is provided to these families.  For some, mealtimes are the most stressful part of their day and with one 'Buy Now' button on Amazon, their entire lives are changed for the better.



Read this AMAZING testimony from a mother with a 4 year old.  They have been to specialist and have tried various other resources.  However, 8 the Plate has become a beacon of hope for their family.


"My 4 yr old son's diet consists of toast, fries, strawberries, rice cakes, apples, crackers, popcorn, gerber puree and cookies and that's about it (other than candy and icecream something he has only recently developed an interest in/taste for. 

It honestly felt like there was nothing we could do to get him past the stage of kiss it or lick it when working on food stages of tolerance. We had seen specialists with no luck. I bought many books and followed all the specialists I could come across on social media hoping to come across something that would help our son. No reinforecer was great enough to entice him to put a new food in his mouth. It was incredibly stressful and emotional for him and us.

Then last week 8 the plate popped up on my instagram page and I talked to my husband about it. We talked about the price. This would be well worth it if it worked and if it didn't? At least we tried and were we really going to miss that $35 anyway?!

So the day it arrived I set it up with his 'safe foods' and a small peice of banana, a small piece of red pepper and 2 pieces of sweet corn (I already thought maybe I should have planned the foods out better but I was excited to try and he seemed to be in a good mood to try it). 


Our son LOVED the plate right away which we knew he would as he LOVES board games with spinners. After eating some of his safe foods he turned the spinner to the piece of banana and I held my breath. We had a reinforecer he wanted in place which in the past wasn't enough to get him to push through to the next step with any food. But this day he licked it, put it in his mouth, chewed it 3-4 times before gagging! BY FAR THE FURTHEREST HE HAD GONE. I was thinking maybe that's as far as we will get today and if it was I was happy BUT THEN he kept picking up the bits of banana and SWALLOWED THEM! He ate every little bit! Same story goes for the sweet corn and red pepper but he couldn't swallow them.

2 days later I tried a sunny days snack bar and my husband and I couldnt believe how readily he went through the steps and ate it for the first time in his life. This is a food he couldn't previously handle being on his plate or in his lunchbox and he ate the whole thing!

I have gone from being completely frustrated with the lack of progress to excited about what we will put on the plate next!

Thank you 8 the plate; you have brought us so much hope!"

This is why we do what we do!

This testimony gave me chills... Stories like this keep me motivated to continue making a difference in children's health.  8 the Plate can be a game changer in so many homes!

We are not just a product to sell but a resource to so many people.  Thank you for  your continued support and keep these stories coming. #mealtimewinner