8 the Plate - Make Mealtime a Game!

When people ask about 8 the Plate, I could go on for days on its many benefits.  Any where from increasing food variety to independent eating, hundreds of parents and kids are experiencing this game changing product.  

To put it simply, it is a spinning plate... It is incredibly exciting to kids :)!  It acts like a toy so children are immediately engaged during mealtime.  With these game like mechanics, it got me thinking about how I could make this experience even more play like at the dinner table.

8 the Plate - The Game

One night, I decided to make mealtime a game. We got out an 8 sided dice and I put our meal in 8 the Plate.  Whatever the dice landed on, that is the triangle my girls ate!  Talk about a fun and engaging mealtime.  This also encouraged balanced eating.  It didn't matter what the dice landed on first, that is what they ate.  The anticipation of which compartment would next was exhilarating.  Would it be the treat? The vegetable? The protein?  My girls LOVED it!

Here is a video of my little one explaining the game.

8 the Plate Game 

What you need:

If you want to play along, here is what you would need:

What are YOUR ideas on making 8 the Plate a game?

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