8 the Plate Launches on Kickstarter

After months and months of anticipation and HARD work, we are finally ready to launch '8 the Plate' on KickStarter!

healthy food inside 8 the Plate kids pink Fruit and Vegetables

We are incredibly proud of the product that we are offering to YOU! We also couldn't be more humble of the tribe that has backed us from he beginning.

Kickstarter link...

If you are searching for the Kickstarter link so you can go support us and grab your very own '8 the Plate', below is the link:

8 the Plate Kickstarter Campaign 

I am also providing a visual of the different pledge levels below:

Background on Kickstarter

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is essentially a place where inventors and/or creators can go to get a project funded. For us, we are using it as a place to gauge interest. We are unsure of how many people would be interested in these plates! We do not want to have a garage FILLED with this product so we are unsure of how many we should order on our first production run.

So, you will be backing us as we finish the production of our new product! This also shows us interest and allows us to identify how many plates we should order! You get a plate, this helps us pay for the first production run and we gain an understanding of demand of the product. #everyonewins!


If you have ANY questions at all on this process or the plate itself, please send them my way! I am more than happy to answer any that you may have!

Cheers and lets make this world a little healthier with '8 the Plate'!