Promotes Healthy Eating Habits in the Pickiest of Eaters

One-Way Spin

Designed for the child to spin and to grow confidence

Dishwasher Safe

8 the Plate has it all! Bottom rack dishwasher safe, BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalates-free

Sleek Design

but packed with features


I am now excited to go grocery shopping for my son to try new foods.  He picked out purple cauliflower, bell peppers, and cucumbers to try!

Proud Mom of 5 year old

Tonight "Q" ate fresh salmon without ANY resistance! He was so eager to try 'the new fish' that he made us stop eating ours until he was in a section that has salmon so we could all eat it at the same time.  Thank you Anesa and Joe!!  Never would have thought he'd try new things this easily"

Happy Mom of 4 year old

Easiest meal of my life. I am sold!

Mom of 4 and 3 year old

It might just be one of the best inventions in the history of parental meal-wrangling


I took 8 the Plate to a client, who is one of my pickiest eaters, this child has Autism and he tried 2 new foods. No hesitation. No fight. No arguing.

Behavior Man

What's the Difference?

8 the Plate looks different because it is different! If meal time is a struggle for your family, look no further. 8 the Plate puts a 'behavioral spin' on healthy eating by making meal time FUN and EASY.